20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solution Providers - 2016

The last few decades have witnessed tremendous efforts toward development and design of new chemical process aligned to the escalating concerns of supply chain and logistics, data management, security and global regulation. At the same time, churning trends like big data, cloud computing ,and social media are exerting an influence on the industry. In the forefront, IT is playing a major role in chemical industry to address these challenges and build a significant bond between the upcoming chemical process and the technological vogue.

Chemical technology is focused to connect the dots between processes on the floor with analytics, identifying optimum production level and receiving developmental alerts. To reduce the security flaws and overcome the intellectual property concerns, companies are adopting integrated top-down cyber security architecture, locking down their environments and remaining aware of the pressures and threats. Further, even chemical companies have reasons to be linked with social media applications—to gather intelligence about a specific field, especially in higher-risk areas, and move up the value chain and get closer to customers, enhancing research and marketing.

IT is enabling all these. The goal of embracing IT services within chemical industry is gaining momentum with companies that are readily offering chemical technology solutions to improve operational effectiveness, reduce unscheduled downtime, drive higher returns on investment, and develop customer service technology roadmap.

In these last few months, we have reviewed hundreds of technology solution providers and shortlisted the ones that deliver best services to tackle challenges faced in the chemical industry. We present you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Chemical Technology Solution providers of 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

Actio Helps organizations turn compliance data, supplier information and safety documents into a strategic advantage
Adexa Adexa delivers intelligent enterprise business planning & performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning & supply chain planning
Ambitech Provides fully integrated project management, engineering, design, procurement, & construction management services
AspenTech Specializes in process manufacturing, process optimization, engineering software, manufacturing operations, and supply chain management
BatchMaster Software Serves the process manufacturing industry with ERP systems
BDP International, Inc. Creates a home for talent & innovation combining technology & expertise to solve complex global logistics problems
BSI Engineering Serves primarily industrial manufacturing clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, renewable fuel, food & beverage, & consumer products industries
Datacor ERP & CRM solution provider for Process Manufacturers & Chemical Distributors
ERA Environmental Management Solutions ERA’s suite of tools with regulatory tracking and reporting capabilities help industry comply with environmental regulations
ETQ Provides enterprise software applications & compliance management services
EUPHOR EUPHOR is a registration management system helping Product Compliance teams to track, report and document their REACH registrations, allowing for accurate, on-time & on-budget dossiers submissions
Gateway Logistics Group Delivers superior, innovative, adaptive & safe logistics solutions
Gensuite LLC Provider of a cloud-based solutions suite for organizational functions to manage risk & achieve compliance
Lisam America Inc Provides a flexible IT toolbox to support all aspects of chemicals management including hazard communication, environmental reporting, and inventory management
MYNAH Technologies LLC MYNAH is a leading supplier of dynamic process simulation & industrial ethernet solutions
Northwest Analytics Inc Providing integrated analytics and MI solutions to accelerate manufacturing operations and ROI.
Orbit Logistics Group Providers of inventory management solutions & global real-time data acquisition
Schrodinger Provider of advanced molecular simulations, & enterprise software solutions & services for life sciences & materials research
ShipXpress Inc. Provider of cloud-based software solutions which enable transportation, industrial, & commodities businesses to efficiently operate & collaborate with their supply chain partners
Teledyne Tekmar Provides productivity-enhancing instrumentation & solutions to a number of industries