Datacor: Imbuing Real-time Visibility across the Production Process

Sean O'Donnell, President
The need for a technology guide in today’s data-driven world has never been so compelling. Be it for IT, retail, or life sciences, technology solutions untangle complexities of data distribution and security. “Organizations are striving to build an environment that can allow seamless and secure access to internal and external data— anytime and anywhere,” adds Sean O'Donnell, President at Datacor. In a pursuit to reinvent themselves, organizations must bring a balance between dissemination of all information and its proper consumption for better decision making, while controlling the rights to access it. “This is exactly where our focal point lies, as we craft our product and services to enable process manufacturers and chemical distributors to reach the level of excellence they long for,” delineates Sean as his company’s mission statement.

Datacor’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Resource Management (CRM) solutions are easy-to-use, off-the-shelf business management products that meet the idiosyncrasies of the chemical industry. Chempax, the ERP platform developed by Datacor has been used in the chemical industry by myriad of chemical distributors and process manufacturers worldwide. From manufacturing and operations to financial management and CRM, Chempax connects employees with the tools and resources they need to support their businesses goals. The tool ties all of the information into one centralized system, from where data can be accessed as per the need in a secure conduit. “Chempax provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help customers make better-informed decisions,” says Sean.

Keeping the importance of compliance in mind, Chempax was designed to remain consistent with the government standards, regulations, and data sharing practices. “Chempax forges an automated environment that allows seamless real-time access to information, and thus ensure that regulatory compliance challenges are not just being met, but exceeded,” says Sean. Datacor has also attained strong tenacity in the realm of CRM— thanks to its eChempax platform.

Chempax provides real-time visibility into every step of the business process to help customers make better-informed decisions

It is a state-of-the-art CRM solution designed with the needs of chemical distributors and process manufacturers at its core. With eChempax, organizations can get a 360 degree view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, and customer service teams. It inspires an efficient collaboration with the end users and workforce—both in the office and in the field. “Using eChempax, customers can save time, optimize performance, and increase their sales and profits,” adds Sean.

Wanting to streamline their manufacturing process, Pariser Industries—a manufacturer of cleaning chemical specialties—was drawn towards Chempax for its promising features. Pariser was looking to replace the discontinued Sage PFW ERP legacy systems, in an effort to augment their operational efficiency and decision making capability. With Chempax, Pariser implemented a flexible and cost-effective ERP solution with chemical manufacturing specific functionality. It allowed the company to eliminate their stand-alone spreadsheets and access data from a centralized repository. Pariser was also empowered to lower their operational and administrative costs, and enhance information sharing quotient across their enterprise.

Driven with a vision to leverage technology and remove the redundant steps from the manufacturing processes, Datacor is all buckled up to embrace what the future has kept in store for them. “In the coming days, we intend to enhance mobility, increase access, integrate big data, and improve analytics in our product line in order to touch more aspects of the chemical business and sharpen the decision making abilities of our clients,” concludes Sean.


Florham Park, NJ

Sean O'Donnell, President

ERP & CRM solution provider for Process Manufacturers & Chemical Distributors