Actio: Managing All Stages of Chemical Lifecycle

Russ McCann, President Co-Founder & CEO
With new tech-trends, growing requirements, and stringent regulations, today’s chemical industry is in a constant flux. This tremendous transformation has propelled many chemical organizations to refine their business models and harness the potential of digital technologies for value creation. In such a scenario, companies are on a constant look-out for viable technology partners that help manage operations and keep up with emerging technology and market trends. Based in Portsmouth, NH, Actio provides chemical management solutions and aids organizations to turn their compliance data, supplier information, and safety documents into a strategic advantage. Founded in 1996, the company offers solutions to diverse industries such as aerospace, building products, automotive, packaging, chemical, electronics, food and beverages, pharma, biotech, and medical devices.

Actio’s chemical management solutions deliver unique improvement software for the evaluation approval and ordering of new raw materials. The software also manages the entire inventory of those materials as and when they arrive at the customers’ facility, and on through storage, usage, and waste streams. “From new material approvals through arrivals onsite, storage, usage, and disposal, all stages of the chemical lifecycle can be linked with our solution,” says Russ McCann, President and CEO, Actio. The offering assures that chemical lifecycle’s entire consolidated information can be properly stored; analysis and compliance reports can be drawn from the central databank that houses the information. This way, Actio assists organizations to have a strategic approach while managing supplied materials, bringing products to market, and protecting worker and facility safety. Additionally, the firm has carved a niche in providing centralized materials’ information through its Chemical Management Solution. Actio’s centralized information coupled with enterprise-wide authorized access to substance-level data gives many departments in a chemical enterprise to have control, data insight, and analysis tools they need for human and environmental safety, product stewardship, and regulatory demands.

Additionally, the company assists organizations to instantly convert the data about raw materials to a unit of measure, which is the standard across enterprises.

We keep building and improving our solutions to make them even faster, better, stronger, easier to use, and more secure than ever

This conversion method supports enterprises to calculate threshold amounts and total quantities easily. “The reports for internal analysis, forecasting, and for compliance with global regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and WEEE depend on the standard unit of measure,” explains McCann. Furthermore, the company enables organizations in generating audit trail for newly arrived chemicals as it is an important aspect of chemical management.

In order to facilitate inventory logs, inventory distribution, and location of storage, Actio provides advanced labeling functions that are merged with container labeling. “In this process, the organizations can automatically calculate recurring usages and reorder thresholds are automatically triggered,” briefs McCann.

Actio’s solutions are strongly acclaimed by its customers across nation. For instance one of Actio’s customers, Stanley Black & Decker, a diversified worldwide supplier partnered with the firm to manage chemicals and hazardous substances amid the most stringent regulations. The European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation levied restrictions on relatively narrow set of substances used in the electronics market, which in turn affected the customer’s business. Actio helped Stanley Black & Decker trounce all the challenges by providing them with an Enterprise Compliance Platform manage tasks and risk associated with REACH, and similar, regulations.

Without resting on its past laurels, Actio continues to garner recognition by spending considerable amount of time in re-architecting its solutions that meet the growing requirements. “We keep building and improving our solutions to make them even faster, better, stronger, easier to use, and more secure than ever,” concludes McCann.


Portsmouth, NH

Russ McCann, President Co-Founder & CEO

Helps organizations turn compliance data, supplier information and safety documents into a strategic advantage