Gensuite: Delivering EHS Excellence through Cloud

CIO VendorR. Mukund, CEO & Founder
One of the profound challenges in corporate environments today is to narrow down on the right system, that is simple yet powerful in managing compliance and sustainability needs. Organizations are also conflicted with the options of whether to build or buy a system. Gensuite counters this problem with their Software as a Service (SaaS) approach that takes best practice processes and turns them into a plug-in paradigm. The company offers a suite of cloud-based software solutions enabling chemical and product management, and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence. “Instead of building or buying solutions, our customers have the option to configure and launch, extend and innovate in their domain by using tools deployed across a broad landscape of subscribers, avoiding long lead times and challenging investment cycles,” remarks R. Mukund, CEO and Founder, Gensuite.

Under their Chemical and Product Management Suite, the company offers analysis and reviewing of Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) reporting. “Our PRTR module allows enterprises to effectively examine regulatory reporting content for seamless aggregation and data mining,” states Mukund. Gensuite’s Product Compliance Center (PCC) module also helps companies with their REACH due diligence and reporting requirements, other regulatory priorities such as RoHS and Conflict Minerals, as well as wide-ranging custom attributes like FDA certifications and product standards.

In addition, Gensuite has invested heavily in making all their applications Mobile friendly in order to drive productivity through enterprise mobility. The company has also transformed a complicated EHS system by eliminating programs and processes and making it people friendly. This allows individuals across an enterprise to narrow in on one ecosystem and seamlessly navigate different parts of a company’s EHS management system. Ultimately, for delivering EHS excellence, Gensuite provides analytical tools for better data visualization, facilitating desired program improvements.

“Our suite of applications is deep and innovative, and as we work with our subscribers we connect them through an Idea Exchange platform, similar to Facebook for Gensuite subscribers, where users
pool suggestions and ideas,” reveals Mukund. This year, Gensuite pulled together four innovation practices—mobile, predictive analytics, data mining and auditing and invested in bringing thought leaders across subscribers on each area. Since most of Gensuite’s customers engage in compliance assessments, the compliance field was chosen to eliminate inhibitions around auditing. “In six months we made substantial strides in extending out more innovations, by building on solutions and tools that people were looking for,” says Mukund.

Gensuite credits their understanding of solutions to their incubation period in General Electric, where they were solving similar issues. “Our tools are intuitive, meaning they fit well in a business process, can be installed in four to six weeks, saving a client time on testing, validation, and bug fix cycles,” says Mukund. Clients can observe a visible outcome in their productivity within a quarter from opting for Gensuite products, without draining their time and resources. An added benefit is customers do not have to buy user licenses as they are taking an existing product and purchasing access to it as a SaaS solution.

Clients can observe a visible outcome in their compliance process performance and productivity within a quarter from subscribing to Gensuite solutions

Gensuite offers unique turnkey solutions for their customers through a dedicated “EHS-savvy” IT team. To illustrate, a large company providing freight car management services selected Gensuite for their applications and customer service, citing Gensuite’s Power Audit Tool, Training Tracker, and Safety Observations modules and service model as key to their decision.

In addition to areas of EHS and sustainability, Gensuite enables companies to IT-enable their processes in other verticals like quality, product compliance, security/crisis management and responsible sourcing. “We have taken our platform and created an ecosystem, for and beyond EHS and that has been a driving force for us,” exclaims Mukund.


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R. Mukund, CEO & Founder

Provides a suite of award-winning, integrated web applications enabling compliance and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence in chemical and product management