Aveva: Powering Chemical Plants of the Future

What makes a company world-class? Is it its long prolific experience, uniqueness in its products, or the commendable awards it has garnered? AVEVA has all these elements in its repository. As a provider of eminent engineering design, construction and information management solutions, AVEVA has been in the corporate world for over 45 years, empowering various industries especially the chemical, rectifying existing challenges and bringing preeminence. Currently, this software firm is working on profusion of technology projects developing its Digital Asset approach and adopting enablers such as cloud and mobile technologies to open the force of venture and resource data.

Beginning from a sugar refinery, designed in 1976, AVEVA has garnered numerous recognition and awards, and has set various milestones. Under the leadership of Richard Longdon, CEO, the company has constructed several chemical plants by leveraging its engineering and design software— whose total value exceeds $60 billion. These comprehensive range of solutions are designed for both Engineering Contractors (EPCs) and plant Owner Operators (OOs) as both share the need of exchanging and controlling information integrated within the Digital Asset.

Unlocking the Power of Digital Assets

The Digital Asset is the data center of each project and office. It brings together trusted data that goes through every framework, populates each application, and is inserted in every record and model. It uproots boundaries to data stream and gives access to that data, both for capital task execution and resource life cycle administration. AVEVA's remarkable Digital Asset methodology fabricates a coordinated data system that ceaselessly speaks to the genuine current condition of the physical resource. It gives profound application combination where constant data imparting between controls is basic to achievement.

Built upon the Digital Asset approach, AVEVA’s full portfolio of software products enables their customers to unlock the power of their digital intelligence. For EPCs, this implies predictability. It brings more efficient projects, effective control of costs, enhanced risk management and a smoother handover to the client. For OOs, it entails reliability by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime. They can reduce the compliance burden and be more agile to cope with changes, interruptions and unforeseen circumstances. AVEVA, through its presenters and key customers has demonstrated the way in which both EPCs and OOs can achieve massive increases in efficiency by putting Digital Asset integrity at the centre of everything they do.

AVEVA Plant: One Solution, Multiple Features

Petrochemical or chemical plant tasks include colossal measures of building and configuration information. This information advances crosswise over different controls by means of an extensive work process that requires the investment of numerous gatherings.

To Succeed, firms, belonging to chemical industry must posses prefound instruments for producing, facilitating and dealing with this complex information stream

To succeed, firms belonging to chemical industry must possess profound instruments for producing, facilitating and dealing with this complex information stream. AVEVA Plant is fabricated with coordinated applications that permit architects and planners at various areas to simultaneously make, control and oversee changes in chemical plant construction, and produce the end result in the most beneficial and secured manner. The first component of AVEVA Plant is AVEVA Diagrams, an intelligent diagramming system for piping and instrumentation diagram (P&IDs) that enables continuous saving of diagram objects
and delivers exceptional integration with AVEVA Engineering by means of shared administration, report generation and data management capabilities. The latter is a facilitator for multi-disciplinary teams of engineers aiding them to develop the detailed definition of all the key engineering items involved in the project. It is profoundly flexible and configurable, and can be applied to a wide variety of project data. Another module that has caught the attention of many is—AVEVA Everything3D, the company’s top-of-the-range, multi-discipline, 3D plant design solution. It brings together the latest 3D graphics and user interface technologies with state-of the-art data management to deliver the most comprehensive, productive and tightly integrated 3D plant design solution available. Drawings, reports and Bills of Material are all produced directly from the 3D model using a combination of automation and advanced user interaction tools, ensuring accuracy, consistency and productivity.

AVEVA Electrical, AVEVA Instrumentation, AVEVA Global are also equally commendable in their attributes. AVEVA Electrical is a peculiarity rich programming suite for electrical designing and outline of the chemical plants. It gives clients the capacity to make and oversee electrical designing information, outline information and documentation. Significant expense reserve funds are made conceivable through an extensive variety of adaptable computerized inputs and outputs. AVEVA Instrumentation on the other hand channelizes instrument and systems engineering, design, documentation and management for the entire asset and plant’s lifecycle. It is a proven, feature-rich software suite for instrumentation and control engineering. The advanced graphical user interfaces, extensive use of design rules and catalogues for data creation, and maximum workflow flexibility in confluence makes AVEVA Instrumentation the preferred choice for projects of all sizes. As the whole processes at chemical plants are enigmatic in nature, AVEVA has done a remarkable job in streamlining them through its laudable offerings and agile services. Where the company has invested both time and money in abundance to simplify all the plant related activities, it has also made sure that its clients are benefited from a robust communication link. From its application AVEVA Global, the firm allows users at multiple locations to work online together on the same projects, even when the communication lines between the locations are slow or unreliable.
It controls the release of data to each site and ensures that all users have access to the latest approved data. The final touch to the all encompassing set of solutions is given by the eminent tools such as AVEVA Review and AVEVA ReviewShare that empower clients to review their projects after their completion. Review lets the customers analyze designs and communicate complex ideas. It is a powerful 3D visualization tool for large, complex plant models with features such as walk-through animation and high-quality photorealistic images that gives intelligible description of the architecture.

AVEVA ReviewShare brings together 3D design review, mark-up and collaboration into one application, using 3D models, embedded screenshots, document views and hyperlinks. ReviewShare works with a large number of 3D data formats, not just AVEVA Plant, but with server-based streaming technology or desktop model files as well.

"Build upon the Dgigtal Asset approch.AVEVA's full portfolio of software products enables their customers to unlock the power of their digital intelligence."

Reaching to Worldwide Predominance

The primary vision with which AVEVA moves forth is by turning into a lead trailblazer and a trusted accomplice of their clients who are always kept at the center of every practice and strategies. To confer a promise of ideal customer satisfaction and service, AVEVA has created 'Customer Focus' to stay tuned to their customers' challenges, requirements, and forge an even closer relationship with their entire user community. With this approach backed by the aforementioned solutions, AVEVA has successfully left its mark over plethora of chemical companies and organizations across the globe. The company has established its technology centers at Belgium, Denmark, India, Norway, Sweden, the U.S. and UK. Coming to cater clients instituted in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), AVEVA has incepted its branches in Austria, Finland, France, Kuwait, and Nigeria. EMEA is economically and culturally, AVEVA's largest and most diverse sales region, with a wide spread of mature industries. The extensive network of offices across the region provides close support, in local languages, to meet the particular needs of the different industries and business environments in different countries. Many of the world's leading businesses in the major industries where AVEVA has focused on are headquartered in this region, enabling the company to work closely with them to increase their competitive advantage. AVEVA also supports important local initiatives in technical education and training in EMEA, promoting high-value skills development to benefit both engineering industry employers and professionals.

It has been a fruitful journey for AVEVA since they first came to the corporate world with a mission to disrupt the industries and influence the leaders of chemical firms with their striving nature. Their accolades, client’s success, and their covered geography are all testimonies in itself that speaks about their expertise and scintillating future that lies ahead of them.


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