Top 20 Chemical Tech Companies - 2017

Top 20 Chemical Tech Companies - 2017

The chemical industry stands at an inflection point where digitalization is making headways in the business challenging the conventional industry-wisdom approaches. Within this hyper-competitive environment, progressive manufacturers are already espousing digital platforms to reduce errors and streamline operations vying for profitable growth in global markets. Keeping up with the trend of ‘knowing everything about anything anytime’, IoT and big data are at the vanguard driving value creation and increased connectivity among consumers, suppliers, and businesses. Meanwhile, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming the new normal ushering in smarter and faster processes and transactions by enriching the industrial environment with real-time insights.

With Green chemistry initiatives gathering momentum, governments worldwide are overhauling the regulatory setting of the chemical industry. Companies striving to ascend the chemical value chain are on the lookout for the best solution providers. However, with umpteen players in the market provisioning the chemical industry, determining the right partner with the right solution becomes a cumbersome task for most enterprises.

To help CIOs navigate the challenging landscape, CIOReview’s distinguished panel, comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board has evaluated and selected premier chemical technology solution providers imparting best-of-breed solutions to facilitate the current needs of the industry. The companies featured in this issue have exhibited comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in delivering a varied range of solutions tailored to the chemical industry.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Chemical Tech Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

Acctivate Acctivate provides fully integrated software for buying, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution & selling activities
Actio Actio's substance-based materials management system tracks products, bill of materials, and substances all at once
ANSYS ANSYS brings clarity and insight to customers' most complex design challenges through fast, accurate and reliable engineering simulation
AspenTech AspenTech delivers asset optimization software that enables chemical manufacturing enterprises to optimize their operations and maintenance lifecycle
BatchMaster Software BatchMaster ERP offers time-saving tools and real-time actionable data for chemical manufacturers
BIOVIA BIOVIA's solutions for chemicals allows organizations to innovate faster, reduce long product development cycles while complying to regulations
ChemAxon ChemAxon provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemical information in life science and other R&D
Chemstations Chemstations provides an integrated suite of chemical process simulation software that broadens an engineer’s capabilities and increases productivity
Datacor Provisioning ERP and CRM solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of chemical distributors and process manufacturers
Deacom DEACOM ERP streamlines and simplifies regulatory processes for chemical manufacturers
Edgewater Fullscope [NASDAQ: EDGW] Provides ERP solutions to chemical manufacturers to meet production requirements including co-products and by-products, formula management, besides compliance requirements
Ithos Global Develops regulatory compliance solutions that assist chemical companies to meet country-specific compliance reporting requirements
PerkinElmer [NYSE: PKI] PerkinElmer delivers a comprehensive suite of scientific informatics and software solutions
ProcessMAP ProcessMAP empowers chemical companies with actionable insights and predictive analytics to significantly improve EH&S performance and achieve major cost and risk reduction
ProcessPro Provides ERP software suite to optimize and provide real-time insights into all aspects pertaining to chemical manufacturing process
SAFER Systems Provides integrated real-time chemical emergency management solutions
Schrödinger Schrödinger develops advanced chemical simulation software for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and materials research
SiteHawk SiteHawk offers Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and chemical data management for compliance and employee safety
VelocityEHS VelocityEHS simplifies the management of chemicals enterprisewide and provides an easy way to safeguard employees
VisiMix Builds mathematical models to simulate mixing for research and makes it easy for chemical engineers to understand the mixing process